Don’t Use These Products on Your Skin!

Obviously, everyone loves to have a good and a bright skin. For that, dermatologists tell to use sunscreen, moisturizer as well as antioxidants. However, do you think they are actually good? Well, there are some products which dermatologists say that you should never ever use.

Check them out;

  1. Toners that contain alcohol

Alcohol is worst. Yes, instead of bringing about an improvement in the skin, alcohol might worsen it a lot. All nutrients are removed and the skin becomes dry. In short, premature ageing might be caused due to these toners. Instead of these, it’s good to use hydrating sprays with cucumber extracts and rosewater. The skin tone becomes good and is refreshed.

  1. Lightning creams

Steroids are present in many brands. Due to this, the skin becomes thin and capillaries break. Moreover, it further leads to steroid induced acne. Wondering how to find whether the product has steroids or not? Well, you can click a pic of that particular label and forward it to the dermatologist. Each ingredient can also be googled so as to find the effectiveness. It’s always good to look for agents like arbutin, mulberry extract, glycolic acid, kojic acid and niacinamide.

  1. Physical exfoliators

Sometimes, the skin becomes dry and high owing to harsh scrubs. Usually, physical exfoliators are very strong, especially when used very frequently. They can cause skin dryness, increase sensitivity and also lead to irritation. Exfoliation can be done with raw milk or powdered oats. This will ensure smoother skin and no damage will be caused. Moreover, microdermabrasion treatment can also be taken from the dermatologist in Delhi.

  1. Salon concoctions

Never ever try using salon concoctions; even though they have good amount of vitamins, using them is not suggested. Many a times, local made creams might be offered by the salons, which may hamper the skin. Don’t use anything that doesn’t have proper brands or ingredient labels. Checking OTC products having same benefits is suggested. For example, you can buy a moisturizer that has Vitamin E.

  1. Under-eye creams

The skin surrounding the eyes is very delicate and hence, skin specialists say that under eye creams must be avoided. Avoid the ones that have beta-hydroxy or alpha-hydroxy acids like salicylic or glycolic acid. Due to these exfoliating agents, the eye skin becomes thin.  This must be avoided as it’s very risky and not at all suggested.

Firstly, you must research well before buying the products. Just don’t go behind false claims. You need to be sure of what it contains and also make sure that the ingredients are not unsafe. If you have even the slightest of doubt, you must immediately change the product and look at something else. Consulting the doctor before taking the product is highly recommended.

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Who are dermatologists and why are they so important?

So you desire to have a supple, smooth skin? Are you suffering from acnes? Do you wish to have whiter skin but do not trust whitening merchandises single-handedly? Well, if you answered “Yes” to at least one of the aforementioned questions, then you need a dermatologist in Delhi. Dermatologists are medical doctors who specialize in treating medical disorders that has something to do with the skin, nails and hair. Some of the common syndromes that are treated by dermatologists are eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, melanomas, skin cancer and uncommon skin conditions too.Who are dermatologists and why are they so important?

Specializations of a dermatologist

Just like common doctors, dermatologists also have certain arenas of specialization like cosmetic dermatology and pediatric dermatology, amid others. There are also dermapathologists that concentrates on illnesses that are highly contagious, degenerative and connected to one’s immune system. Dermatologists analyze and treat skin cancers and skin tumors, inflammatory skin illnesses like dermatitis and infections in the skin. Similarly, surgical methods like laser surgery, chemical peeling and skin corrections are also undertaken. Usually, individuals see a dermatologist in Dwarka New Delhi if and when they have skin irritations that they wanted to get rid of. Folks who are infested with acne in the face and other regions of their body also seek their assistance, as well as people who suspects that they have skin cancer and those that already has them. Psoriasis and eczema are also cured by dermatologists.

Attaining healthy looking skin often necessitates the assistance of a dermatologist. Although there are several skin care products, they can only be applied topically. Numerous issues lie deeper beneath the surface. A skin doctor will have the tools, methods and proficiency to rectify undesirable conditions. If you think that you will require the assistance of Dr. S. K. Kashyap A dermatologist in delhi at Kashyap Skin Clinic has, it is vital that you look hard and research well. You can ask individuals you know and sail by the internet. You need to look at their amenities and educational background as well so you would know their competence. At a broader look, countless folks think that the dermatologists are the doctors that treat acnes and pimples of teenagers only. In a closer perspective, one will see that dermatologists are specialists in the field of skin care, from the smallest pimple and mole, down to the principal skin problem that you might have.

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Reasons to Visit a Good Dermatologist. Read on!

Many a times, you might face issues with the skin and would be eager to go to a primary physician to know what it is exactly. Instead of going to a random doctor, it’s always better to visit a dermatologist so as to diagnose the exact problem and receive proper treatment.

Visit a Good Dermatologist

There are many good reasons to visit a dermatologist in Delhi. Given below are few of them.

  • In case you are noticing any allergy or signs of allergic reaction, you must immediately visit a specialist. Some common symptoms of this allergy include rashes, redness, itchiness, hives, irritation or swelling. These issues might be experienced all at once or one by one. However, if you have a feeling of dizziness or breathing issues, emergency medical care must be sought. A follow-up appointment can also be sought with a dermatologist.

  • Many people suffer from severe acne and they face a lot of embarrassment while going in public. If you are also one among them, then it’s time to see a skin doctor. People are actually tired of over-the-counter medicines and those ointments. Hence, they find it better to actually visit a good specialist who has a thorough idea about each and every skin problem. Sometimes, acne is very severe while at times it’s not that strong. The specialist might have a good idea about the problem and would suggest remedies and treatments for the same. With good homework, you can easily find a good specialist in the field of dermatology. His treatments would work faster than any other thing. Even if the acne is not going away, it will surely be cured with perfect treatments.

  • Sometimes, people suffer from skin dryness or other issues like dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. Even if one problem is noticed, it’s good to visit a dermatologist and ensure that the diagnosis is right. Treatment must be taken quickly without wasting any precious time. It’s difficult to treat such disorders by your own and so, professional help is a must.

  • With age, there are changes in skin. Dryness, wrinkles or age spots might be noticed. The harmful UV rays of the sun might worsen these aging signs. The skin specialist might give some sunscreen for protection against this damage. The best doctor might have different treatments in order to cure the wrinkles and also for tightening the skin. Even the color and texture of the skin might be considerably improved. The skin gets a bright and a youthful look with wrinkle fillers, Botox injections and laser therapy.

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Want to get rid of skin problems efficiently? Visit a dermatologist!

Many individuals feel that acne is just a phase that every individual has to endure in life. The fact is that some folks are in dire need of dermatologist in Delhi for recommending an acne treatment to help fight the shameful outbreaks that appear on their face or other regions on their body. If you have tried every type of acne medicine, topical cream and microdermabrasion set on the market, perhaps it is time for you to consider seeing a dermatologist in Dwarka. You might also want to contemplate eyeing into treatment if your self-confidence has been dropped because of breakouts, you are beginning to scar where acne lesions clear, dark blotches are appearing below the lesions and the lesions are awfully painful. To fully comprehend acne, we are going to take a look to see what acne actually is.

DermatologistWhat is acne?

Acne is when dirt or other bacteria start to plug or clog the pores on an individual’s face, neck, chest, arms or even back. It is not a life-threatening ailment, but it can totally hurt an individual’s self-confidence. And who can have self-confidence in the world when they don’t even like the way their own face seems. If it is not treated, it can ultimately result in perpetual scarring and this is factual for serious and less severe cases of acne. Now, maximum individuals have perhaps thought of acne as something that occurs during adolescence and only then. The truth about acne is that it typically affects 100% of folks sometime in their life between the ages of twelve and seventeen. Acne usually lasts between five and ten years.

If you experience any of the symptoms of acne and feel uncomfortable with how your face and body looks, you should find a licensed dermatologist in Delhi India region. To locate dermatologist acne treatment in your region, you should search the finders on various websites. Click Here for Kashyap Skin Clinic Website. You could also ask friends or colleagues who might have experienced acne and found medical assistance. Word of mouth is the superlative advertisement since the start of time. Explore all your options. Make appointments to meet with each dermatologist to see if you would be able to trust this individual. Get all the answers to your queries before you make a decision. In the end, you will be contented that you are taking care of your body and that you are looking good again, the way you were meant to be.

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Know the benefits of PRP treatments

prp treatment

The human body has an extraordinary capability to heal itself. Renewal of new tissue is accomplished by stem cells and is nurtured by growth factors and hormones. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an evolving treatment in a new health sector recognized as orthobiologics, which refer to growth factors and proteins that are naturally found in the human body. The body hints platelets and other constituents in our blood supply to voyage to the site of injury. Platelets are the injury’s first responders and under normal conditions, these platelets release numerous factors that initiate and consequently stimulate bone and cartilage renewal and repair, encourage new blood vessel development to speed up tissue regeneration and stop the bleeding. Platelets release many other bioactive proteins accountable for attracting macrophages, mesenchymal stem cells and osteoblasts. These days PRP treatment in Delhi is very popular.

Benefits of using PRP

Benefits of PRP therapy in Delhi include the following: tissue rejuvenation and renewal, orientation of cell differentiation, extracellular matrix formation and recruitment of other cells to the site of wound and also an upsurge in collagen production, which can upsurge skin viscosity and total skin health. Furthermore, PRP is non-allergenic, is an autologous physiological product, eradicates donor transmissible infections and is a biological adhesive for tissue union, particularly in skin flaps, bone grafts and trauma.

Preparation of PRP

To formulate PRP, a trivial quantity of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge that whirls at high speed and separates the platelets from the rest of the blood constituents. The platelets collected in PRP are triggered by the adding of thrombin and/or calcium glucarate, which tempts the release of these factors from alpha granules. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes and upsurges the concentration of platelets and growth factors up to 600%, accompanied by an intrinsic rise in human stem cell proliferation because of exposure to concentrated platelets up to 10 times above native levels. The concentrated PRP is then vaccinated into and around the affected region, jump-starting and considerably strengthening the body’s natural healing signals. Inoculations of PRP heal the region over time, during 1 to 3 months. Since the patient’s blood is used, there is no hazard of a communicable septicity and a low risk of allergic reaction.

The PRP treatments can be used on all skin categories and tones. Negligible swelling, bruising and redness for the preliminary 12 to 24 hours are anticipated. A bruise at the needle stick location might be noticeable for 2 to 3 days. Inflammation from the fluid is what the patient will notice first. During numerous weeks, the platelets arouse growth factors, which help in more collagen stimulation. Treatment outcomes differ but last up to 18 months in maximum patients. Biannual touch-up treatments will maintain the outcomes.

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Are you experiencing the symptoms of vitiligo? Read on to find a solution!

Vitiligo is the appearance of light or white spots on your skin caused owing to loss of pigmentation. Every so often, the discoloration appears on sun-exposed regions, at first, the hands, feet, arms, face and lips. Vitiligo symptoms might start at any age, but frequently, they start appearing before the age of 20.

vitiligo surgery in delhi

Symptoms of vitiligo

  • Whitening or greying of the hair on numerous portions of the body including your scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows or beard, as promptly as the mid-thirties
  • Discoloration of the mucus casings, i.e. tissues that line the inside of one’s mouth and nose
  • Alteration or loss in the color of the internal layer in the eyeball
  • Discoloration of the part around the armpits, navel, genitals and rectum.

Types of vitiligo

Distinguished contingent on the vitiligo symptoms, categories of vitiligo are,

  • Generalized vitiligo: The discoloration might appear frequently in many portions of the body and progress likewise on corresponding body parts.
  • Segmental vitiligo: blotches appear on one side of the body, begin at a primary age and may progress for few years, ultimately stopping.
  • Localized or focal vitiligo: May appear on only one or two portions of the body.

The prediction of the ailment type and its progress is very challenging. However, the blotches may stop forming without any treatment. In common cases of vitiligo symptoms, loss of pigments is progressive and ultimately covers maximum of your skin. On the abnormal occasion, skin gets its color back, but this is an exceptional phenomenon.

Causes of vitiligo

Vitiligo befalls primarily when melanin-forming cells (melanocytes) either die or stop creating melanin. These pigments are responsible in giving the skin, hair and eyes color. In reply, the skin becomes lighter or white. The cause for the same might be,

  • Immune system ailment, which makes it attack and abolish the melanocytes in the skin
  • Genetic factors
  • Exposure to sun, triggering sunburn.

Treatment of vitiligo

There are voluminous ways to treat vitiligo and help refurbish color of the skin or stabilize skin tone. Outcomes may be random and might have side-effects. Makeup and tanning treatments can also be used alternative to medications. Some of the prevalent treatments include:

  • Medicines: Advancement of vitiligo cannot be stopped by any treatment but some medicines used alone or together with light therapy can help improve one’s skin’s appearance.
  • Ointments and creams: Numerous ointments and creams are obtainable for applications that control infection. These kinds of creams and external applications are not only effective but also easy to use. However, it might take a lengthy time for any alterations to appear and in some circumstances; the modifications may not be permanent and surefire.
  • Light therapy: This process embraces a narrow band UVB light. A doctor may recommend this for up to three times a week.
  • Laser therapy: This process applies a particular wavelength of UVB light via an excimer laser onto the blotches accompanied by local application of medicines.
  • Surgery: Surgical intervention may be suggested to patient where light therapy and drugs fail to work. Several varieties of cosmetic vitiligo surgery in Delhi at are available contingent on the vitiligo symptoms.

Looking around for most advanced acne scar treatment? Read on

Summary: Acne scarring is a problem that can dampen one’s self-confidence. It can be handled well by selecting a suitable acne scars treatment.

Body acne is fast becoming a leading skin problem across the globe. Not only does it appear on the face, it correspondingly appears all over the body. To treat acne issue, patients have to run through a tough time and to make the matter worse; there are numerous types of skin care merchandises and acne treatment in Delhi which are even more puzzling to select from.

How to choose the most apt acne treatment for yourself?

It is not desirable to treat your acne as per the recommendation of a family member or friends. The solution to the problem may vary from person to person. The kind of treatment that demonstrated good for your relatives or friends might not be the one to solve your own acne ailment. Therefore, so as to grab the most-suited acne treatment, you need to do a tad of research. On doing this, you can get a worthy treatment that will be best suitable for you. The veracious type of treatment is very important to cure acne problem successfully. This is undeniably essential so as to reduce the atrociousness of the problem and diminish acne scarring. It is always advisable to consult the best dermatologist for acne before you set off to decide an acne treatment product on your own. If you have mild scarring, you can try numerous acne products and medications to treat them. However, for severe acne scars, they must be treated by a dermatologist, using a blend of surgical processes and skin resurfacing therapy and even chemical peels. This way, you too can have attractive, smooth, young-looking skin.

Treating acne marks with laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is one of the most cutting-edge methods for treating acne blemishes. This treatment works by flaking of the top layers of the skin that are impaired. The skin heals and fresher, smoother skin swaps the impaired layer. These treatments typically take anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour. The skin commonly will entirely heal after 3 – 10 days. This is an effective and favorable treatment since the laser can accurately control the profundity of penetration into the skin. Your skin will experience soreness and swelling after the treatment and appropriate post-operative care of the skin must be followed to ensure success and speedy healing.

Acne marks treatment with chemical peel

With chemical peel treatment, diverse types of acid are applied to the skin to eliminate the top layer so that smoother and fresher layer can come up. The process generally takes about 20 minutes or so. This technique is idyllic for mild cases of scars. It can take about a week or so for the skin to heal after the treatments. Reddening and uneasiness may be experienced during the healing course.