How can a teenager benefit from regular visits to a dermatologist?

Visiting a reliable dermatologist in Delhi might not be something you have ever done. Yet, many parents need to contemplate the advantages of having their adolescent in for such an appointment. In many circumstances, this kind of appointment with a doctor can make a noteworthy difference in your child’s self-confidence and skin health.

Acne is a significant problem

For many teenagers, acne is one of the major problems they have with their overall skin health. A dermatologist or skin specialist in Dwarka can assist in numerous ways. First, the objective will be to decide what is behind acne’s development. In some circumstances, it may be because of the overproduction of oil from the glands. This might be owing to hormone imbalances. In other circumstances, it could be attributable to infections in and on the skin. Though your body’s natural immune system might be able to handle these infections, this is not always the case. At times, the cause is not identified. Finding the veracious treatment generally begins with educating the teenager on how to care for the acne. Rather than looking at it like it is a pimple, it is best to refer to it as a problem infection. This might include the use of oral or topical treatments to improve the skin’s aptitude to fight off these infections. The expert will offer particular steps for you to overcome the underlying problem.

Why do it?

Why should you concentrate on improving the way your teenager’s skin appearances? First, realize that this kind of treatment is not just about the way the skin looks but also about its healthiness. These sorts of infections can weaken the immune system considerably. When that materializes, it can result in complications with other sicknesses too. Furthermore, treatment for severe cases of this kind of problem can also boost your child’s self-confidence. That is a very vital step to take. If you are uncertain if your kid needs focused help, you can always schedule a consultation to find out. Then, you can decide if your child needs additional treatment or not. Do not postpone going in to the dermatologist. In many circumstances, treating this kind of issue beforehand can save your teen’s skin from damaging and from boundless teasing. Do take the time to catch on if there is an underlying cause to this problem that is important. If so, the solitary way for the teen to overcome the issue is for the underlying cause to be addressed.

Follow your doctor’s suggestions

If you desire to get the best out of a treatment, you must follow your doctor’s suggestions exactly as he has directed you, since it is very imperative particularly if you want to get the anticipated outcomes. Additionally, using any over-the-counter products, such as scrubs or harsh soaps, might lessen the effect of the prescribed treatment. It is vital to know that although individuals are occasionally not entirely gratified with particular dermatologist treatments, these options remain the best alternatives particularly for those people who struggle with severe acne forms.




Skin Specialist in Delhi for healthy and beautiful skin

The skin specialist is one of the most sought-after practitioners who affirm the top position in the area

A healthy and beautiful skin is the source of confidence for everyone. What is more crucial is that a healthy skin can act as a barrier against any sort of infections as well as adverse environmental factors. Being the largest organ of the body, the outer layer of the skin doubles up just like an immensely crucial protective shield of the body. The advanced skin care treatments which are administered by the clinicians impart life enriching procedures with a broad-based approach and help the patients to discover the inner as well as the outer beauty. The skin specialist in Delhi is one of the most sought-after practitioners who affirm the top position in the specialist

Thorough evaluation of the skin condition is done to deliver the most comprehensive as well as customized treatment plan for patients

The extensive range of services that are extended skin specialist Doctor in Delhi includes the acne, scar treatments, Botox, fillers, anti ageing treatments along with many others which facilitate the practitioners to transform the overall looks of patient in no time. The aesthetics of beauty and the medical knowledge- everything is brought under one roof. The clinic ensures the world-class hygiene practices and the products and equipment that are being utilized are also top class. Thorough evaluation of the skin condition is done to deliver the most comprehensive as well as the customized treatment plan for the patients. Our non invasive procedures enable you to enhance, rejuvenate and refresh your skin in no time. The bespoke procedures are created and aftercare packages are tailor-made specifically for the patients.

Our ultimate goal is to help the clients in solving all types of skin issues and to extend highly comprehensive care

The prime goal of the dermatology facility is to extend the professional and high standard aesthetic treatments through the utilization of the up to date technology. Our ultimate goal is to help the clients in solving all types of skin issues and to extend highly comprehensive care. Our skin care facility is the torch bearer of the most advanced technology and state of the art equipment for all the unique requirements of the patients. Are you in quest of the beautiful skin? We are here at Kashyap Skin Clinic to provide you the complete makeover. Explore our affordable packages and achieve the skin that you always desired for.

Why you should opt for microdermabrasion done by a dermatologist?

Microdermabrasion is one of the most widely held skin resurfacing methods used in cosmetic clinics globally. It is not only low-priced and painless exfoliation method, but has also demonstrated incredible outcomes in improving skin tone and texture by eradicating facial wrinkles and getting people rid of acne scars. Dermatologists worldwide are using this method to effectually improve hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration complications. You can certainly use a microdermabrasion home kit in the comfort of your home to get a smooth, radiant skin. Now, you must be thinking, why somebody would go for professional treatment when a much economical alternative is available? The answer to this question is simple; you can never beat the expertise of skilled hands that have been carrying out a certain process for years now. There are several other reasons too to assure a person why he or she should opt for professional microdermabrasion treatment ( by a dermatologist in Delhi regardless of having the choice to implement the same process in the comfort of home. Top three reasons are listed below:microdermabrasion treatment

Greater intensity of skin polishing

One reason why microdermabrasion under the supervision of a dermatologist in Delhi should be preferred over at-home method is because the former gives the utmost level of skin polishing as equated to any other skin exfoliation method used at home. Dermatologists use exclusive microdermabrasion systems in their clinics to instantaneously scrape away impaired layers of skin, while keeping the nearby regions and also the internal layers intact. Additionally, professional microdermabrasion kits use aluminum oxide crystals for exfoliation, which is not the scenario with home kits. Some creams in the home kits also encompass aluminum oxide crystals but they do not take out the deceased skin cells as meritoriously as a professional kit does.

Expert hands can do the job in more commendably

Another reason why you should have the process done in a professional clinic by or under the direct observation of a board-certified dermatologist is that professional hands can evidently do it much better than you or your friend giving you the exfoliation massage. Along with that, the doctor will also frame a treatment plan that is best suitable for you. The doctor will cautiously evaluate your skin type and the degree of impairment before setting the strength of the process. They can control the speed of exfoliation during the process by monitoring the level of crystal blasting.

Safest mode of treatment

Lastly, you should get the process done by a veteran dermatologist in a clinical setup for getting the safest mode of treatment. They make use of sterilized equipment free of germs and detrimental bacteria with all the safety provisions. Adjustable devices will also reduce the hazards and side-effects related with the procedure.

Having that said, certified microdermabrasion will not only reverse the skin mutilation safely and excellently but will also maintain the young-looking outcomes after that. Visit your Kashyap Skin Clinic today and get the skin rejuvenation process done by proficient hands of DR. S.K. Kashyap with an FDA-approved system in a safe setting.

Don’t Use These Products on Your Skin!

Obviously, everyone loves to have a good and a bright skin. For that, dermatologists tell to use sunscreen, moisturizer as well as antioxidants. However, do you think they are actually good? Well, there are some products which dermatologists say that you should never ever use.

Check them out;

  1. Toners that contain alcohol

Alcohol is worst. Yes, instead of bringing about an improvement in the skin, alcohol might worsen it a lot. All nutrients are removed and the skin becomes dry. In short, premature ageing might be caused due to these toners. Instead of these, it’s good to use hydrating sprays with cucumber extracts and rosewater. The skin tone becomes good and is refreshed.

  1. Lightning creams

Steroids are present in many brands. Due to this, the skin becomes thin and capillaries break. Moreover, it further leads to steroid induced acne. Wondering how to find whether the product has steroids or not? Well, you can click a pic of that particular label and forward it to the dermatologist. Each ingredient can also be googled so as to find the effectiveness. It’s always good to look for agents like arbutin, mulberry extract, glycolic acid, kojic acid and niacinamide.

  1. Physical exfoliators

Sometimes, the skin becomes dry and high owing to harsh scrubs. Usually, physical exfoliators are very strong, especially when used very frequently. They can cause skin dryness, increase sensitivity and also lead to irritation. Exfoliation can be done with raw milk or powdered oats. This will ensure smoother skin and no damage will be caused. Moreover, microdermabrasion treatment can also be taken from the dermatologist in Delhi.

  1. Salon concoctions

Never ever try using salon concoctions; even though they have good amount of vitamins, using them is not suggested. Many a times, local made creams might be offered by the salons, which may hamper the skin. Don’t use anything that doesn’t have proper brands or ingredient labels. Checking OTC products having same benefits is suggested. For example, you can buy a moisturizer that has Vitamin E.

  1. Under-eye creams

The skin surrounding the eyes is very delicate and hence, skin specialists say that under eye creams must be avoided. Avoid the ones that have beta-hydroxy or alpha-hydroxy acids like salicylic or glycolic acid. Due to these exfoliating agents, the eye skin becomes thin.  This must be avoided as it’s very risky and not at all suggested.

Firstly, you must research well before buying the products. Just don’t go behind false claims. You need to be sure of what it contains and also make sure that the ingredients are not unsafe. If you have even the slightest of doubt, you must immediately change the product and look at something else. Consulting the doctor before taking the product is highly recommended.

If you are in search of Top dermatologist in Delhi, you should visit Dr S. K. Kashyap. he has years of experience and can solve the problems with great ease.

Who are dermatologists and why are they so important?

So you desire to have a supple, smooth skin? Are you suffering from acnes? Do you wish to have whiter skin but do not trust whitening merchandises single-handedly? Well, if you answered “Yes” to at least one of the aforementioned questions, then you need a dermatologist in Delhi. Dermatologists are medical doctors who specialize in treating medical disorders that has something to do with the skin, nails and hair. Some of the common syndromes that are treated by dermatologists are eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, melanomas, skin cancer and uncommon skin conditions too.

Who are dermatologists and why are they so important?

Specializations of a dermatologist

Just like common doctors, dermatologists also have certain arenas of specialization like cosmetic dermatology and pediatric dermatology, amid others. There are also dermapathologists that concentrates on illnesses that are highly contagious, degenerative and connected to one’s immune system. Dermatologists analyze and treat skin cancers and skin tumors, inflammatory skin illnesses like dermatitis and infections in the skin. Similarly, surgical methods like laser surgery, chemical peeling and skin corrections are also undertaken. Usually, individuals see a dermatologist in Dwarka New Delhi if and when they have skin irritations that they wanted to get rid of. Folks who are infested with acne in the face and other regions of their body also seek their assistance, as well as people who suspects that they have skin cancer and those that already has them. Psoriasis and eczema are also cured by dermatologists.

Attaining healthy looking skin often necessitates the assistance of a dermatologist. Although there are several skin care products, they can only be applied topically. Numerous issues lie deeper beneath the surface. A skin doctor will have the tools, methods and proficiency to rectify undesirable conditions. If you think that you will require the assistance of an Adept dermatologist Dr. S. K. Kashyap in Delhi at Kashyap Skin Clinic has, it is vital that you look hard and research well. You can ask individuals you know and sail by the internet. You need to look at their amenities and educational background as well so you would know their competence. At a broader look, countless folks think that the dermatologists are the doctors that treat acnes and pimples of teenagers only. In a closer perspective, one will see that dermatologists are specialists in the field of skin care, from the smallest pimple and mole, down to the principal skin problem that you might have.

If you have acne, you can visit Kashyap Skin Clinic. At the clinic, we use various techniques and processes for acne like microdermabrasion.

Reasons to Visit a Good Dermatologist. Read on!

Many a times, you might face issues with the skin and would be eager to go to a primary physician to know what it is exactly. Instead of going to a random doctor, it’s always better to visit a dermatologist so as to diagnose the exact problem and receive proper treatment.

Visit a Good Dermatologist

Dr. S. K. Kashyap is famous when it comes to dermatology. There are many good reasons to visit a dermatologist in Delhi. Given below are few of them.

  • In case you are noticing any allergy or signs of allergic reaction, you must immediately visit a specialist. Some common symptoms of this allergy include rashes, redness, itchiness, hives, irritation or swelling. These issues might be experienced all at once or one by one. However, if you have a feeling of dizziness or breathing issues, emergency medical care must be sought. A follow-up appointment can also be sought with a dermatologist.

  • Many people suffer from severe acne and they face a lot of embarrassment while going in public. If you are also one among them, then it’s time to see a skin doctor. People are actually tired of over-the-counter medicines and those ointments. Hence, they find it better to actually visit a good specialist who has a thorough idea about each and every skin problem. Sometimes, acne is very severe while at times it’s not that strong. The specialist might have a good idea about the problem and would suggest remedies and treatments for the same. With good homework, you can easily find a good specialist in the field of dermatology. His treatments would work faster than any other thing. Even if the acne is not going away, it will surely be cured with perfect treatments.

  • Sometimes, people suffer from skin dryness or other issues like dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. Even if one problem is noticed, it’s good to visit a dermatologist and ensure that the diagnosis is right. Treatment must be taken quickly without wasting any precious time. It’s difficult to treat such disorders by your own and so, professional help is a must.

  • With age, there are changes in skin. Dryness, wrinkles or age spots might be noticed. The harmful UV rays of the sun might worsen these aging signs. The skin specialist might give some sunscreen for protection against this damage. The best doctor might have different treatments in order to cure the wrinkles and also for tightening the skin. Even the color and texture of the skin might be considerably improved. The skin gets a bright and a youthful look with wrinkle fillers, Botox injections and laser therapy.

He is a great dermatologist in Delhi and offers a wide range of treatments for all skin conditions. Guaranteed results are offered and you don’t have to pay too much for it. Bid goodbye to all skin issues as the solution lies with Dr. Kashyap.

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Want to get rid of skin problems efficiently? Visit a dermatologist!

Many individuals feel that acne is just a phase that every individual has to endure in life. The fact is that some folks are in dire need of dermatologist in Delhi for recommending an acne treatment to help fight the shameful outbreaks that appear on their face or other regions on their body. If you have tried every type of acne medicine, topical cream and microdermabrasion set on the market, perhaps it is time for you to consider seeing a dermatologist in Dwarka. You might also want to contemplate eyeing into treatment if your self-confidence has been dropped because of breakouts, you are beginning to scar where acne lesions clear, dark blotches are appearing below the lesions and the lesions are awfully painful. To fully comprehend acne, we are going to take a look to see what acne actually is.

DermatologistWhat is acne?

Acne is when dirt or other bacteria start to plug or clog the pores on an individual’s face, neck, chest, arms or even back. It is not a life-threatening ailment, but it can totally hurt an individual’s self-confidence. And who can have self-confidence in the world when they don’t even like the way their own face seems. If it is not treated, it can ultimately result in perpetual scarring and this is factual for serious and less severe cases of acne. Now, maximum individuals have perhaps thought of acne as something that occurs during adolescence and only then. The truth about acne is that it typically affects 100% of folks sometime in their life between the ages of twelve and seventeen. Acne usually lasts between five and ten years.

If you experience any of the symptoms of acne and feel uncomfortable with how your face and body looks, you should find a licensed dermatologist in Delhi India region. To locate dermatologist acne treatment in your region, you should search the finders on various websites. Click Here for Kashyap Skin Clinic Website. You could also ask friends or colleagues who might have experienced acne and found medical assistance. Word of mouth is the superlative advertisement since the start of time. Explore all your options. Make appointments to meet with each dermatologist to see if you would be able to trust this individual. Get all the answers to your queries before you make a decision. In the end, you will be contented that you are taking care of your body and that you are looking good again, the way you were meant to be.

At Kashyap Skin Clinic, we use the best of technologies so that our patients can go back home with a smile on their face.